About Us

Sierra Awards, LLC is a small company based in Reno, Nevada.  We maintain a showroom in Reno and one in Carson City, Nevada.

Sierra Awards is owned and operated by the Scorsonelli Family (Erica and Ronnie) and the Salonek Family (Guy and Michele).  We usually also have a couple of part-time employees.

Sierra Awards, LLC also operates interconnected online boutiques, each highlighting specific sections of our diverse business.

Our primary business is personalized items, including engraved gifts and wedding accessories, personalized trophies and awards, screenprinting and embroidery, and promotional products.

Web sites featuring personalized trophies and awards include awardzone.com, award-zone.com, awardsforcarshows.com, and featureawards.com.

Web sites featuring engraved gifts and wedding accessories include westernbrides.com and cowboycountryweddings.com.

Web sites featuring screenprinted apparel and accessories, embroidered apparel and accessories and promotional products include companycasuals.com/awardzone and a-zpromotions.com.

Click here to contact us!  We look forward to hearing from you.